Swedish Massage


Looking for a soothing way to relax and release stress? Swedish is the way to go! A Swedish massage focuses primarily on the relaxation aspect of massage.  


50 minutes ~ $65

80 minutes ~ $95

Deep Tissue

Get a deeper, more therapeutic massage that focuses on releasing muscular tension.

50 minutes ~ $85


80 minutes ~ $115

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. The stones are placed on key points of the body to help release muscular tension.

50 minutes ~ $95


80 minutes ~ $125

Trigger Point Massage

A specialized session focused on identifying and releasing trigger points in the body to aid in relief from chronic and/or referring pain.

50 minutes ~ $85


80 minutes ~ $115

Sports Massage

A massage designed to help athletes perform well during practice, prepare for optimal performance before a bout of exercise, and assist in recovery.


30 Minutes ~ $40

Therapeutic Cupping


An ancient practice used to aid clients in reduction of pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, relaxation, and overall well-being, to name a few of its benefits.


75 Minutes ~ $120



A reflexology massage focuses on healing the body through the feet, hands and/or ears.


30 minutes ~ $40


Add one of our essential oils to any session to aid in relaxation.


Additional $4 ~ $15 to any massage




Add Prossage Heat to any massage to decrease muscle, spasms, tension, and knots. ~ $10




Add BioFreeze to any massage to aid in sore muscle and joint pain relief. ~ $10

Stretch Methods

Stretching methods designed to aid relaxation, manual therapy, and/or sports clients in achieving greater circulation, range of motion, and flexibility. 

30 Minutes ~ $45

Sugar/Salt Scrub 

A gentle scrubbing treatment used to exfoliate and hydrate the skin in area being worked (Shower available).

Add-on ~ $10 (feet only)


Feet only ~ $25


Back only ~ $30 

Upper Body only ~ $55 

Lower Body only ~ $55 

Full Body ~ $90

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