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The Therapists


       After receiving a diploma in Therapeutic Massage and honorably completing his obligation to the US armed forces in 2007, Kevin continued to pursue knowledge of healing the human body. His interests led him to SELU where he studied kinesiology, health, and physical education. While attending school, he gained experience in the mental and behavioral health field where he worked for 5 years. This experience brought his understanding of healing to a different level. This new insight shifted his interest from only physical healing to encompassing full/whole being healing and maintenance; wellness. He delved, for several years, into books, articles, journals, attended seminars, and followed well-known (and some that aren't well-known) wellness gurus to deepen his understanding.


His experiences and passion for healing, his clients, fellow therapists, and loved ones have inspired him to create Premier Therapeutics.  




       A graduate in the art of Massage Therapy, Gigi has been a therapist for 13 years. She completed her studies at Delta College and went on to become a licensed massage therapist. Through hard work and dedication to the art, Gigi has acquired many skills and certifications. Some of which include: Reflexology, Orthopedic Massage (cervical spine), various workings of the shoulder girdle, stretching, etc. Her true specialties and passions are Trigger Point (TP) and Deep Tissue massage. She has been considered by many to be one of the best TP therapist in the area. She is passionate about and fully believes in therapeutic healing touch and strives to create a pain-free existence for her clients.   





       Melissa Milligan is a licensed massage therapist that was born and raised in Metairie. She moved to Covington with her husband and children in 2017. She has been a massage therapist for 6 years, after graduating from Blue Cliff College. Melissa's love for massage therapy came from watching her grandfather's recovery after receiving physical therapy at home. It inspired her to choose a career path steeped in aiding others. 


Since becoming an LMT, she has studied several different modalities. Her favorites include orthopedics and sports. She's worked in the chiropractic industry as an LMT, helping clients with chronic pain and mobility for 2 years and is certified in cupping therapy.

Her journey is just beginning.

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