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Basic Plan

Basic Plan

Annual enrollment fee for clients looking to become members.

***Please remember to click the "LOGIN/SIGN UP" button after the purchase of your membership!***
  • Details

    - $60 monthly fee. Applied to monthly sessions. 


    - Members can take advantage of monthly and/or quarterly deals.

    - Can participate in special and holiday deals.

    - 10% off each subsequent session that occurs within a month


    - Subject to yearly enrollment fees ($60)


    Referral minutes

    Members can earn 20 referral minutes per referral. These minutes never expire (pending membership status) and can be added to any 60-minute or 90-minute session. (60 minutes max per session. Cannot exceed 2 hours. Referrals must purchase a minimum of 60 minutes. Referrals do not have to become members.)


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