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Enhanced Plus

Enhanced Plus


Yearly membership fee waived.


- One-time fee of $150

- Good for the life of the membership.

- Every subsequent session in the same month is discounted at 17% (optional).


  • Details

    One-time fee of $150

    - Diminishing Cost

    • After every seventh paid session (1-hour minimum at regular or qualifying adjusted price), the first session of every month is reduced by five dollars. Savings continue to build until a maximum of $15 (per first monthly session) in savings is reached.


    - A free essential oil add-on for every session (single scent or blend).

    - Discounts on Prossage and Biofreeze ($4 for one or $6 for both).

    - Good for the life of the membership.

    - Not required to pay yearly membership fees.


    - Subsequent sessions at reduced rate. 17% off (optional).


    - Cannot be combined with session savers or any other non-special discounts.


    Referral minutes

    Members earn 20 referral minutes per referral. These minutes never expire (pending membership status) and can be added to any 60-minute or 90-minute session. (60 bonus minutes max per session. Session cannot exceed 2 hours. Referrals must purchase a minimum of 60 minutes. Referrals are not required to become members to receive minutes.)

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